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2020 - Are we entering a cancer crisis?

In time patients may feel that they or their loved ones were not treated as they should have been during 2020 and be considering what redress, if any, may be available to them.

Such claims are likely to be complicated and we of course appreciate that we are living during challenging and uncertain times however if and when the dust settles and one reflects on what has happened to loved ones further consideration may be given to:-

Referrals were down by two thirds

Early diagnosis options such as screening opportunities were taken away

Patients were not attending A+E

Diagnoses were down by three quarters

Life saving treatment either slowed down or was postponed/cancelled

Clinical drug trials were halted/cancelled

Private hospitals stood empty where treatment could have taken place or life saving machinery used

This has had an affect on thousands of lives and can be the difference between life and death. If you feel that you or a family member have been unfairly treated and would like a friendly confidential chat with one of our specialists please call us on 0208 313 5111.

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