Police & Prison Claims

Did you know that a year ago almost half of England’s prisons failed to provide adequate medical care to prisoners said the Care Quality Commission and healthcare behind bars is so poor that some offenders die because staff do not respond properly to medical emergencies.


Prisoners are in fact entitled to receive the same standard of healthcare as those in the wider community but in practice this is rarely the case.  For example delays in referring prisoners with cancer to hospital for treatment.

One of our Clients is quoted to say: 'Healthcare? More like they don't care'

If any of your family members have suffered injury or there has been a failure to adequately assess healthcare then call one of our team on 0208 313 5111 for a confidential chat.

Below are just a few examples of Police & Prison Claims:

  • the failure to assess the healthcare needs of a person

  • reluctance to prescribe medication

  • unwillingness to take a person to hospital for further tests and treatments

  • long waits to attend scheduled appointments

  • incorrect treatment given