Personal Injury

'Personal injury' is the legal term for an injury or illness that has been caused (or made worse) by someone else’s negligence.

Our experts will help you access the rehabilitation, medical care and support you need to make the best recovery possible. We will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

You have three years to start your personal injury claim.

This time limit is usually from the date of an incident. However, in some cases it can be from the date you became aware your injury was due to negligence i.e. an illness caused by your place of work.

There are some exceptions to this three year time limit, especially in cases involving children or people without the mental capacity to make a claim themselves. 

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Personal Injury Law covers the following types of injury:

  • Road Traffic Incident - An accident which occurs on the road, causing injury to a driver, cyclist, passenger or pedestrian

  • Employers Liability - An accident at work

  • Public Liability - An accident in a public place

  • Occupiers Liability - An accident on property or land owned by somebody else, even if you are a tenant in that property

  • Criminal Injuries - An injury caused to an innocent victim of a violent crime