Misdiagnosis & Delay in Diagnosis

When you visit your doctor or attend a hospital appointment, generally you will receive good treatment and advice. But in some cases, medical professionals fail in their duty of care by not providing the correct diagnosis for your health issue. This is when you may choose to make a misdiagnosis claim.

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Misdiagnosis occurs when a medical professional fails to accurately diagnose a patient. In some cases, this can worsen or prolong the patient’s symptoms. NHS or private medical professionals can be responsible for misdiagnosis.

It could be through… 

  • misinterpreting test results

  • proceeding with the wrong treatment

  • referring you to an inappropriate specialist 

A misdiagnosis can also be down to medical negligence – if the medical professional fails to examine you properly based on your symptoms. 


There are three main types of misdiagnosis:

  • Missed diagnosis: When a doctor or health professional fails to diagnose a disease, illness or health condition despite carrying out an examination. 

  • Delayed diagnosis: The correct diagnosis is delivered, but later than it should be, affecting recovery time and possibly creating further, otherwise avoidable health issues.

  • Incorrect diagnosis: The wrong diagnosis is provided, resulting in improper treatment and medication – potentially worsening your health.