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Road Traffic Accidents

Many people are involved in accidents on the road every day, sometimes with serious or even life-changing results. If you were involved in a Road Traffic Accident and it wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries you sustained that have affected your quality of life.

Making a personal injury claim is the most effective way to access the compensation you are entitled to, and many people choose to work with specialist solicitors like ourselves to progress their Road Traffic Accident claims.

We can handle all types of claims which arise on the roads including:

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How We Can Help You

At MTA Personal Injury Solicitors, our experienced team can deal with all levels of claims arising from Road Traffic Accidents, from very minor bumps and bruises to broken bones, as well as the more serious life changing injuries and emotional impact that can arise as a result of the accident or the injuries sustained.

We understand how upsetting a Road Traffic Accident can be and how injuries that are sustained can affect your day to day life. By talking to a member of our sympathetic and knowledgeable team, we can ensure that your personal injury claim progresses seamlessly and focuses on getting you the compensation you deserve.

We operate on a No Win No Fee basis, so our fees will be taken from the damages recovered and, if no damages are recovered, no fees will be payable.

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