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Changing Your Solicitor

Circumstances sometimes arise where a Client wants or needs to change their Solicitor. This may be due to a change of location, being unhappy with the service you have received, or simply not feeling comfortable with your current legal team.

If you have already settled your claim and feel unhappy with the outcome, you may want to seek a second opinion on whether the damages you received and advice provided was correct.

How We Can Help You

At MTA Personal Injury Solicitors we have a specialist unit who can review a matter on your behalf and advise you on your options and the best course of action to take.

If you already have a Solicitor representing you and are considering a change for any reason or you are concerned about the outcome of your case, we offer a free consultation where you can discuss any issues you may have. Any consultation is entirely confidential and without obligation - we will not take any action until we have discussed it with you and you have instructed us to proceed.

Following consultation we will be able to guide you on your best course of action, whether that is instructing us to take on your case to conclusion or bringing an action against your previous Solicitor for Professional Negligence.

To speak with a member of our Professional Negligence team, call us on 0208 313 5111 or click here to complete an online enquiry and we will call you back.
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